Support for Audible audiobook playback

It would be really nice if you would add support for Audible audiobook playback.


As an avid listener to Audio Drama, it would be great to have a separate section to save confusion. The Meta Data availability would be an issue, but if it allowed full editing, that could be overcome.
Just a user definable and name able section in the left colum that is separate from the music perhaps watching a dedicated folder, would do.
I suspect the team have a lot of more relevant work to do just now though.

Chris :slight_smile:

I agree that audiobooks should be a separate section like it is in iTunes.

It would be nice though to have all my audio content in just one place and managed by Roon.

Since I have a couple of hundreds of audible books converting all of them would be a huge task.

If you already have them in iTunes then it is just a question of exporting them to a folder and using your original meta data. Title, Author, Play or Reading, track and disc numbers etc

No this does not work, since Roon will not recognize the audible audio format.

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Shame, all mine are ripped from CD or good old Cassette Tape to MP3 which is fine for audio drama.

Lucky you!

This is an ‘old’ request but creating a new thread is pointless.

  • some audiobook player functionality like bookmarks, read to end of chapter, read for x minutes (go to sleep) would be nice.
  • Audible support would be huge

I suppose audiobook support will end on at the end of the to be developed list.

At least it would be helpful that Roon can import m4b files. I always have to rename them to m4a after importing them from iTunes.

Hello, is there any movement or “new” interest in this idea? I would REALLY love it if Audible titles would play on roon. I love the Tidal integration and adding Audible would be amazing! I love audio books and have invested primarily in Audible. How cool would it be to have access to them in all my zones :slight_smile:


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I would absolutely love this. Previously i was considering audiobook section for roon which would also be great.

I have an audible uk account with about 50 books, and adding more all the time as I listen while working. Audible integration would be fantastic!

I searched and found that someone had created an API which might make it easier…

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Please. Just do this.