Support for CUE files - when or at all?

Do you intend to support CUE Files for APE/FLAC?

My personal issue is that I have transferred a large number of my vinyl records to FLAC and use Cue Sheets to identify the tracks and associated metadata. I know there are some tools out there to split the FLAC files, however they also cause corruption sometimes and I prefer not to risk it. JRiver, DS Lightning and many other library and playback systems seem to be able to manage to decode CUE files so I am wondering why not Roon?


I understand Does NOT Support. More interested in Will or Will Not Support.

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Hi Peta,

Check out these posts:

I would not worry about that. You can still keep the originals so that if you find corruption you can replace them, but Foobar and DBPowerAmp should both have no problem doing this for you.

Odd. I never saw the option in DB Poweramp to split flac/cue files. I will have to try and see how to do it.
With another product with its problems, it introduced corruptions I missed on first listening - then I deleted the original so it did not appear again. Took me two hours to recreate the transcription from vinyl …

I know FLAC won over APE. Just that I had quite a few files in APE. I can convert to FLAC, of course.

I will not belabour the point with the fact that I was just wanting to avoid a lengthy process for splitting the files manually.

Still cannot find an option to split a FLAC file wityh a cue sheet in DbPoweramp. Any clues as to how this might be done?

The easiest way is with Medieval Cue splitter, Windows only I’m afraid but works very well.

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My general advice is, don’t ever delete anything for any reason.

Storage is free.

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I had just started my trial period with Roon, and the user interface made a huge impression on me. Never seen such a beautiful layout. All very well thought out. The databases are also better. I was already contemplating to use my credit card for a lifetime subscription when I found out that Roon cannot handle Cue files…

What an incredibly sad situation. Here we have a wonderful piece of software that doesn’t recognize the vast majority of my files. I am totally devastated. What on earth made this team abandon Cue files when there are still millions (or trillions?) out in the wild?

I read the explanation that the Roon team feels that Cue files have become redundant since the gapless playback has become mature with playing separate files, but I still cannot understand their position on this. One could say the same of MP3 files since bandwidth no longer is an issue, but apparently the team was wise enough to keep MP3 files supported.

The same goes for Cue files. There is an enormous amount out of these in the wild, because Exact Audio Copy has been a tremendous secure and reliable way of ripping ones cd’s.
I just did a search in my Music folder on my NAS and it contains over 2.700 Cue files (I have a collection of thousands of CD’s). There is no way I would ever convert these into separate files, since that process is tedious and extremely time consuming. It would takes hundreds of hours to do this, or even more….
What a pity that Roon made this strange strategical decision, where nearly all of its competitors are wise enough to support the huge base of Cue files. It forces me to dump Roon and stay with my tried and tested JRiver that also serves me very well, but I will miss the sleek interface of Roon.
I will check now and then to see if Roon comes to their senses in the future, but having read that this is low on their priority list, changes seem to be very dim. What a pity….


No really, MP3 files are still track based … supporting cue files is quite a different prospect.

Actually this is not the case, with the right software (see forum topics for recommendations) ) converting a couple of thousand albums could be accomplished hands-off in just a few hours.

If you don’t wish to fine, your call but it’s quite straight forward to migrate from cue files these days.

I to got a bunch of ripped cd´s in cue files. But im so impressed with the roon software that I’ve decided to convert all of them with medival cue splitter. It will take some days. But hey. I can sit and listen to music while im doing it. :slight_smile:

Actually splitting FLAC + CUE is not that straightforward: having gone through the split process you then have to, either (1) go through each folder and manually delete the original FLAC file or move it OR (2) remove the original FLAC files from Roon which keeps showing them as unknown albums.
If, like some people here you have lots of CD’s this might get really cumbersome.

You can easily search folders filtered on file size (>200MB say). The large single album FLAC files will stand out and can be easily deleted in one operation. This thread is 3 years old!

Then you are doing it wrong, this is for Windows

Get CUETools , set up the destination folder template, the default I think is the Windows Music folder.

Select the CUE Press go what’s easier

If you want to lose the accurip logs etc , when you have finished search for *.log, *.accurip etc and delete them

Job done , I must have done hundreds over the years, never a blip with CUETools , but I hear the Medieval splitter has issues

CUE file support is not required, multiple free tools exist to split up into individual track files based on CUE. It is a one time operation for each album and you are done.

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This is stunning. a cheap fiio x3v2 player can do this, from 2015. You dont even need that, you can just dump in .iso files and they turn up just fine in the player. And Roon cant??? What decade are we in???

I don’t quite know how to break this to you but Roon doesn’t do Folder View either…