Support for Dante/Ravenna?

Is there any plans for Dante/Ravenna support in Roon? Devialet has recently shown a Dante dongle with PoE ethernet in at one end and toslink out on the other. This device is meant for Phantoms. The new streamer board for Expert Pro amps has an Audinate chip mounted so it is assumed that Dante can work directly on ethernet here.


Maybe they are not aware of: :thinking:

Dante Application Library puts the functionality of Dante Virtual Soundcard directly into your Windows or MacOS audio applications for complete control over user experience.

The production model of the CI board did not get the Audinate chip installed, so no Dante ( but the solder pads are still there). Devialet’s new Phantom Reactor Custom does do Dante, probably due to wishes from installers.
I believe Roon knows about AoIP. Ravenna was mentioned when the Merging units became Roon Ready. RAAT is maybe better for “everyone” than one of the AoIP protocols, but I would still like to see to see support for Dante/Ravenna/AES67 in Roon. One problem for Roon is lack of easy AoIP Linux support as Roon uses Linux actively.

Yes, I’ve seen that so there is hope. If Merging provides source code and not just a binary it’s good. ROCK needs the source code as it’s built from scratch. Same for RoPieee…

Not sure, but Ravenna and Merging support may help in order to play Dolby Atmos ?