Support for Google File Stream


I am looking at moving a lot of my files off to Google Team Drives, and then running Google File Stream to cache them locally (you can either pull on demand or cache locally).

The problem is that Google File Stream shows up as a remote drive in OSX, and the Roon Core does not see it as a folder to search for music.

Any chance that Roon could support that drive construct? In OSX it shows up in finder, and is available as a Volume in the CLI, so the OS knows about it.


I would think roon should be able to see it if your core is running on the same Mac but I might be wrong depending on the implantation of the drive mounting. You would need to add it under the storage settings.

Where is your core running?

FWIW, I was curious how this would behave on Windows 10, so I tried it on my setup, and it works.

I’m running Roon server on the same Windows 10 device as Google File Stream. The OS sees it as my ‘G:’ drive, and Roon seems to treat it like any other drive.


Google Drive File Stream

I know we’re on different OSes, but if you have any questions, I’d be happy to help.


Thank’s Steve. It doesn’t seem to work on OSX 10.13, unfortunately. It looks like Roon may not be hooking the right APIs in the kernel Google Drive Stream shows up as a device, rather than directory, For some reason Roon will show other devices (such as USB drives) but not any of the other “devices” that OSX mounts.


By the way, this is now working as of 10.14 MacOSX and the current Google File Stream. Not sure when it started working, but my latest install seems to have fixed everything.

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