Support for Plexamp Headless?

I’m still not giving up :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Right now reverse engineering their authorization stuff so it might still be doable from inside the RoPieee webpage.


I respect your tenacity.

Sounds like you’re ok with the idea of providing a place on the RoPieee web page for the user to cut/paste the claim code?

No… I’ve found a way to request a claim code. To be able to do that you need to provide your username, password and verification code.


I’m probably misunderstanding the implementation issues from the developer perspective … as a user I’d prefer to not give RoPieee my username/password/etc, but I don’t mind entering a claim code (which is exceedingly easy for a user to get/copy/paste)

Yeah it’s an implementation detail. The claim code is basically part of the authorization flow: you need to explicitly grant access to the device (RoPieeeXL) to be able to connect to your Plex server. For that it needs to know who you are etc.

So this is a 2FA kinda flow: you need to login (or are logged in), you can ask for a claim code and the software uses that to identifiy itself.

This is fairly normal (basically Roon does something similar), but unfortunately Plex requires you to enter the claim code on the command-line, so in a shell. And that’s far from user friendly of course and for me a definitive no-go. It is waayyy to technical for a lot of users and it requires shell access: something RoPieee does not (and will not) provide.

So my search is about a way where a user needs to fill in certain information in RoPieee’s web interface, and with that information RoPieee fetches the claim code automagically.

Still unsure if this is going to work: getting the claim code is not the problem (any more), but getting the Plexamp software to believe that it’s all ready to go is.

Anyhow, the journey continues. And no worries: I’ll only release this if it makes sense, works reliably and safe.