Support for squeezebox?

For various reasons, I am running a Squeezebox server on my network (besides, of course, a Roon server). How hard would it be to integrate squeezelite into RopieeeXL? Is there a way to contribute such a feature? In my experience, running squeezelite on Raspbian and DietPi, it’s pretty low-maintenance and stable.

Well, just keep in mind that Roon does not officially support Squeezelite implementations. So use at your own risk. From the Roon Knowledge Base:

Squeezelite/Software endpoints

Roon does not support software implementations of squeezebox endpoints, and we do not test with them as part of our QA process. If you attempt to do this, you are on your own.

I am aware of this. The purpose of adding squeezelite to ropieeeXl was not to have Roon stream to it (it should just use the native roon capabilities), but to allow a more gradual transition from a squeezebox based network to a Roon based network by allowing both servers to stream to the same RoPieee (obviously not simultaneously).

I agree with that.
I am also looking forward for this feature in Ropieee.
For now, piCorePlayer accept Roonbridge installation and can be used for your scenario.
I can confirm is working with both Roonbridge RAAT and Squeezelite.
You can play via ROON or Squeezelite as you wish.

Ping. This is available with the latest release.

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Awesome, thanks! Will try it tonight.

I tried it out and it worked without me needing to do anything. Fantastic!
Thank you very much!


Hi @spockfish
What’s sounds better, Ropieee Regular Roon endpoint or Ropie’s new squeezelite option?? Both through Roon!

Simple: RAAT is the better solution.

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Thank you @spockfish

Hi @spockfish
I am intrigued. The reviews of the Innuos server says that using Roon as a core and squeezelite as a player is the best sounding option (it is a beta feature in Innuos os).
Any comment??

No comment :wink:

You now how it works in this universe.
And everyone can choose whatever they want.

But imho RAAT as a protocol, and on a higher level, as concept is superior. But that’s just me.

Feel free to use Squeezelite. Enjoy the music!

Hi @spockfish

Of course I am refering to the Squeezelite Option inside Ropieee…
Thanks again