Support gone for Fiio x7 mkII?

Last night I I went to use Roon on my iPad and it prompted me for updates. I did the update all option and now it looks like I can no longer use Roon on my Fiio x7 mkII. Is that right? Doesn’t seem like that should be right for such an expensive piece of software. Or it should at least tell you it’s going to break compatibility with some devices before updating.

So far as I can tell the x7 is all the latest firmware but the Fiio support site is horrible so who knows.

Any thoughts?

Edit: the play store doesn’t allow the download. Says it’s not compatible with my device. I side loaded 1.7 from the direct download it it just crashes. I’m assuming that’s because it’s no longer compatible.

I’m not familiar how you are using the Fiio. Is it using Roon remote? Could it be that you just need to update the Roon remote app on the Fiio to 1.7?

Have you downloaded the latest roon version from the Play store?"

Roon can run on many Android devices that meet the following requirements:

  • ARM or x86 based
  • Android 5.0 or higher
  • Supports OpenGL ES 3.0

Updated the original post with some info.

Play store doesn’t allow me to download 1.7. Says it’s not compatible. I tried the direct download URL I found in support and it just crashes.

It’s likely running an older version Open GL as it’s an old version of Android on the player. I would check with Fiio on what version it supports. If it won’t install it’s for a reason and I would say that this is the likely reason.

I figure that’s it. Roon is just rather expensive software to not warn a person before an update that could potentially break things.

They did warn of this, on the notification on this site, but I agree they need to signpost it better as not everyone reads the release updates on here. Personally I don’t update until I have read all about it on here first.

well, technically I’m not sure that’s the problem. It seems the issue is that Roon remote 1.6 can’t work with Roon Core 1.7. I’m not sure why I’d need the latest open gl to get data passed to an older version .1 older.

In any case, the vast majority of software I use (and build) actively warns the user. They don’t expect the user to go seek it out.

@support any info or ideas?

May need to wait for the APK to be updated on one of the download sites. I wonder if Roon has their APK updated yet even? I’ll give it a try on one of my DAPs.

Thanks. I tried that just before posting here though. Roon just crashes now.

Looks like it’s asking fiio for an update. An owner of another device updated the opengl on their own but I’ve no idea on how to do that.

Yeah. I’m trying to figure out how to do that. Still interested in understanding why an OpenGL version matters in what one would think is just API calls that pass data between a remote and core.

Its not just for it to act as a remote is also part of the audio upgrade they just did for the Android app to make it more stable so its now a minimum requirement for the device to be running that version of Open GL ES.

Thanks for taking the trouble to dig that up. What am I missing though? The 1.6 interface works fine on the version of OpenGL I have. All I’m doing is connecting to the remote core, (which doesn’t even have a GUI), so at that point it’s just data that’s being transferred between them. The GUI rendering engine shouldn’t matter.

So you’re saying they’re using OpenGL to process the audio?

But it does if its effecting the audio performance, which it clearly was or they would not have upped it for the fun of it,