Surface Pro 3 - Fan Noise?

I just purchased the Roon software and am looking to add a remote to my setup. I have my choices down to the Surface Pro 3, Surface 3 and the Nexus 9.

I like the option of the Surface Pro 3 since it can also function as a laptop. However, I have read many threads that reference loud fan noise from the Surface Pro 3. I was hoping some of the forum members here that are using the Surface Pro 3 could share what model they are using (i5, i7, etc.) and whether they are experiencing any fan noise while running Roon. I don’t want to introduce any unnecessary fan noise into my listening environment.

When the Surface Pro 3 (i7) is working hard, yes, the fan runs, and it’s clearly audible.
When it’s not working so hard…it’s obviously silent…

I have an i5 SP3 and as rolski says, when it’s working hard the fan is noticeable.
That said, if you’re only using it as a remote (when music listening) it soon cuts out if you don’t do much else.

I often listen, check emails/web browse and it’s usually OK.

The other thing to be aware of is the weight. It’s not like an iPad or Nexus, but then it does have a 12" screen which is very good indeed. Don’t get me wrong, it’s usable, but can get a little unwieldy when you’re tired.

If you can hold out I’d be tempted to wait for the Surface Pro 4 which is rumoured to have no fan and should be lighter.

I have the i5 and would say that my experience is the same as HerbertGoat.
Usually it’s fine though.