Surround Sound Upmixing

For many years I have used an add-on called fSurround in Foobar2000 to up mix my stereo tracks to surround sound (7.1). I am now checking out Roon and wondering what are my options?

I use Roon HDMI out to my Denon receiver and have the receivers surround processor do the simulation. Roon can play MC files but not simulate it.

That’s not very good. My Sony receiver offers ProLogic, PLII and Neo: 6 Music. I’m not impressed with any of them.

Would HQ Player help me out here?

Hey Ron, I don’t know of another way to simulate MC from Stereo. My receiver has Dolby Surround for the MC simulation and even with Stereo without surround my subs are used with my 7.2.4 speaker arrangement.

Have not tried HQ Player. Others on this forum have and will likely chime in with an answer for you.

I prefer music recorded in MC and the HDMI connection from Roon to receiver will play the MC files as recorded, except for DSD which is converted to PCM for playback. I purchase MC DSD downloads when I find them and have a MC DAC for playback of those.

Hope you get the answer your looking for. I’d be interested in that myself.