Swapping classical box set metadata using Metadatics

I have a big project to improve (i.e. enter by hand) the metadata on my large classical box sets. Those missing identification top out at 114 CDs (Brendel).

It occurred to me that until Roon crowd-sources metadata, it might be possible to share it another way and lo-and-behold this looks like being a feature in Metadatics. It will export all metadata into an XML file, which can then be imported.

I wonder if any Roon users want to look into swapping data this way, so we are not all duplicating data entry?

I have just done Brendel 114, Richter 50th Anniversary (50), Bernstein Remastered (100) and am working on Beaux Arts 60 and Larrocha complete Decca. Maybe someone has one of these and Metadatics and wants to give it a try?..

I don’t have Metadatics as I’m not on a Mac. I thought about adding albums to Musicbrainz instead of only tagging them locally. I tried it in a few cases and it works fine. Within a few days, the album is identified by Roon – and that for all users, not just for me.

On the other hand, adding entries to Musicbrainz is a bit cumbersome and slow.

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