Swipe navigation on MacOS app

On the mac, it’s possible to use multi-touch gestures (such as two finger swipe etc) to navigate. The same holds true for the Apple mouse. The gestures work on, say, Safari where you can swipe left or right to go backwards or forwards on a page. It’s easy to use and intuitive.
Would it be possible to add this same swipe functionality to the MacOS Roon app? So, for example, I’ve selected an album and have selected play. I now want to return to the Home screen {SWIPE LEFT}. Oh, I want to navigate to a different song on the same album {SWIPE RIGHT} click the song and then {SWIPE LEFT} again back to the Home screen. In Roon with the various jumps and links it’s possible to be quite deep in layers of pages so this functionality could be really helpful.


Baffles me why this has not been incorporated now, especially 1.8 is all about vertically scrolling. Ohh, and whilst you are at it Roon, adopt the Magic Keyboard for iPads as you do for Trackpads on Mac.



No keyboard shortcuts on the iPad does my head in. I use Roon 50/50 between Macbook and iPad, and on the Macbook I hardly use the mouse, it’s all keyboard. So then I get on my iPad (which always has the keyboard attached) and nothing works!

Is is a bit unorthodox on iOS to not be able to use gestures. The problem would be where there is horizontal scrolling in the app the gesture wouldn’t work.

I’d be happy with 2 finger swipe to go forward and back.

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Yes, it was almost understandable when everything use to scroll horizontally in Roon, which ironically I quite miss. But I would happily live with that if Roon used and made sense of all the gestures, now that it mainly scrolls vertically. Also, a lot of the useful navigation for tablets seems to have been either lost or made not so intuitive. Don’t know about everybody else, but I much prefer an iPad to an iPhone whilst using Roon, more screen estate, albeit Roon seems to have disadvantaged even this with the huge amount of space around huge fonts.

An iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard became my MacBook replacement, only to find out that Roon only supports basic keyboard / trackpad operations on that. Like stepping back 3 years technologically speaking as far as using it with Roon.

I too would hugely appreciate this functionality. Given at it is that Roon is there to provide the most pleasurable music browsing experience of all - this would make so much difference. I really hate looking for the little backwards arrow myself. Its counterintuitive to the natural behaviour I use with touchscreen and trackpads.


BetterTouchTool to the rescue! https://folivora.ai/

I’ve set mine up to swipe and it works well. Also click bottom corners for next/previous tracks. Top corners to navigate back/forward the same as swipe. 3 finger click to pause, 4 finger to put monitor to sleep etc. Also you can applescript to open the accessibility keyboard set to another customisable click or swipe.

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Hi Acidtest - it’s interesting that there’s a work-around. However, it’d still be nice if Roon could implement an improvement that seems natural based on the functionality of other elements of the standard operating system… Perhaps @Roon could test this functionality with BetterTouchTool and then, assuming they like it and it works well, they could implement it within the standard functionality of the Roon software…

Yeah I’d much rather avoid better touch tool if possible. Roon have a lot on their plate at the moment though it seems!

Hi, I had no idea such a thing existed. Is it a difficult process to set up on multiple devices? eg desktop mac, MacBook , iPad and iPhone (sorry - I look like such an Apple wank*r)

haha I’m in the same club. It’s pretty simple, you just need to get the roon shortcuts and then assign them to an action within BTT. If you get stuck I’ll post some screenshots of how mine is set up.

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Doesn’t work with iOS devices, just macOS. See my previous reply as I didn’t reply to you directly and you might have missed it.

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