Swiping swiping swiping... (yes the gods of the forum software this is a clear title)


I am trying to use my Galaxy Note 8 with Roon. It’s an android phone.

I have a devil of a time with browsing albums.

I have around 13k albums in my library and swiping to browse for stuff to listen to is just not viable.

I kid you not, I swiped 100 times to see where it might lead me, with alphabetical listing of albums by artist and end up at the albums of the band America. It’s useless. And not smooth at all.

Please please please offer a list option to view albums OR make the damned tiles smaller as an option to display a grid of tiles around 5 x 6 albums visible with or without text???

It’s just useless right now.

Thanks for reading.

On my windows screen browsing through my 2650 albums takes 32 screens - with 84 albums shown on each screen - your 13000 would take 154 swipes.

On your device even at 5x6 icons it would take 433 swipes to see your collection.

My take from that is you need a bigger screen real estate device and also that browsing through that sized collection is a non-optimal way of working.
Using some search criteria and then a browse seems your best option.

I disagree with you Ged on this.

My screen is fine. It’s 3000 x 1500 res. My point is that with only 4 albums on the screen AND an awful, non smooth, action the browse function is irrelevant and could be improved upon enormously. Combine fast scrolling with a slider bar AND at least a 4 x 6 or even 4 x 5 grid it would transform the feature from useless and completely frustrating to something enjoyable to use.