Switch control from one iOS device to another

So, lets say I have and iPad and iPhone - so two Roon Remotes I think is what they call them, If I want to transfer control from my iPhone to my IPad, how the heck does one do that?

You don’t. You can control from multiple devices at once. Just close the app if you don’t want to use a particular device or leave it open.

I get that, but the other device doesn’t pick up your queue, or really know what your listening to.

Maybe its a feature request, I just think I’m missing something.

Yes, it does. Make sure you click on the zone that’s playing. You may have to click on the album. It might take a couple of clicks to see the list of songs and where you are playing in the list.

You can have multiple control devices going, all showing you what’s happening. I’m looking at it right now on my laptop and iPhone.

Okay, I see that works for the current song. I guess it would be asking too much if it picked up the path one took to get those songs. So that when you hit the back arrow at the top left, it took you back to where you were. In essence you have a whole new exploration (which is kind of how I think of using Roon) I keep going down the rabbit hole of looking for new music.

I only play full albums. I frequently have several Roon control devices running. It makes no difference which one I grab.

I appreciate you chiming in. It has helped.

The queues are endpoint (Zone) dependent. You can send songs from a variety of different devices all to one queue for one zone (like your main system). Or you can send songs from one device to many different endpoints (to each of your mobiles/tablets) as separate zones.
If you have a queue playing on one zone (a workshop), you can transfer it to a different zone when you leave that area (to your main system). To do that you tap on the speaker icon and a box comes up with two arrows. Click on that to transfer the zone/queue.
Pretty flexible.

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I would say that the concept of “transferring control” is a sign that the computer revolution has damaged us.

A human description would be, if you want to control the music from the iPad, you pick it up.
If you no longer want to control music from the iPhone, you stick it in your pocket.

Having spent 45 years working in the computer industry, I am particularly sensitive to the damage we have wrought.

From my perspective, the remotes (laptop, phone, and iPad) are essentially emulating the state of your Roon core. They should have the same version of the truth (state and history) of your server.

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It does, click on the queue icon (next to the play controls on your tablet) or.select queue on your phone and it will show you.

There is also the history screen that you can select in the sidebar.