Switching between Bluesound app and Roon

Good morning @support

Not sure this is a problem but I thought it worth checking with you:

I recently acquired a Pulse 2 which I am using alongside a Pulse Flex. Once set up they both work great and I use Roon to control them both. Perfect operation. However, if I launch the Bluesound app (iOS) and I group the Pulse 2 with the Flex, Roon can no longer control them. More specifically Roon can only see the Pulse 2 (Settings, Audio) but not the Flex. I can use Roon to play music to the Pulse 2 but not the Flex.

If I launch the Bluesound app and ungroup the Pulse 2 from the Flex then Roon can again see them both.

Is this an expected behaviour? It is not a big issue for me, I just wanted to check if that soft of behaviour is as expected.

Many thanks

If I link my Pulse 2 and Pulse Mini in BluOS. Roon sees them both as one zone. They both work.

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Thank you Chris and Tony,

I works well as you describe. I was getting confused before but all clear now.

Many thanks