Switching Convolution Filters

I would strongly suggest being able to switch convolution filters from an iPad once the filters have been added.
Further, I would like to see convolution filters able to be added through the file menu on the iPad!

There is a way to change between filters from an iPad, but you will have to prepare this on a laptop: make lots of presets from your settings and then you can switch between these.


As Arlen stated is it already possible to change from one convolution filter to another on the iPad however the trick is to save each convolution filter as its own DSP preset by using a desktop version of Roon. You are correct that it is not possible to load individual convolution filters when using Roon on an iPad. Once the various convolution filters are saved as DSP presets then on can switch between these presets on any device that runs the Roon app, such as an iPad, Amazon Fire HD tablet, iPhone, etc.

Here is a link to the DSP section of the Roon Knowledge Base: DSP Engine

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Thank you guys!