Switching Devices on Roon

I updated Roon, I am guessing to 1.8 as it would not operate without it. Most everything is OK except the icon on the lower right of my iPad screen.
Previously I had the choice of either my DAC that showed up as MPS-5 or my Marantz pre-pro in the living room tor HT and music. The option for the Marantz has disappeared.

When I first set up Roon it automatically found the Marantz without me doing anything. This actually amazed me because as I am faced now with no idea how to get it to find it.
Can one of you give me some instructions as to how to get music back to the Marantz.


Is it showing up in settings > Audio?


No it doesn’t show up anywhere I can find John.

Not sure where to even try to add it.

Just strange it found it previously. Clearly something in the update wiped it out.


Just to check, nothing except the DAC mentioned above is showing up on this page?


Thanks John,

All that shows up is my DAC and the iPad that controls everything.
There is no Marantz as previously shown before the update.


I guess you’re down to network trouble shooting then.

Did you change anything else other than upgrade to Roon 1.8?

What is your core?

Is the network wired or wireless?

Is there another app on your iPad that sees the Marantz ?

It’s always worth trying rebooting the router, having it powered down for a good 5 mins with the Marantz also powered down. Then power up router, let it have a good look around and then turn back on your Marantz.

Temporarily turning off firewalls can sometimes also indicate where the problem might be.


Lets put this on hold for the moment John. There appears to be an issue with the Marantz not bringing up the connection I would have for internet radio or any other music choice.
I have reached out to my HT guy to see what he suggests to get it working first.

My thought is there is nothing for Roon to see at this point in time since it is not operating.

I will post what I find out.

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OK I had someone look at the Marantz 7703 and the conclusion is that the network section has stopped working totally. Factory reset did nothing for the problem.

I am looking for suggestions for a work around for this. What might be a piece of equipment like a streaming device can I connect to the Marantz that Roon will see.

The quality of music in the living room is not important as it is background music.