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My NUC has become unusable. I’ve replaced the M2 drive twice when it won’t boot and it always goes out a year or so later. I’m in that situation again and I’m tired of dealing with it. As a result, I want to switch my Core over to a beefy Windows machine I have (i9, 64gb ram). What do I need to know before I take the leap? I’m guessing I’ll have to reset ARC and redownload my playlists on the phone again? Any other caveats I should be aware of before making the switch?


@darqman, online articles and FAQs are available from Roon here covering migrations:

I have moved my Roon Core from a Mac to two different Windows PCs over the past year, and it is straightforward and seamless if you follow the guidelines above:

Depending on how your have ARC configured, you may need to create a new port forwarding rule to enable it.


Thanks, unfortunately I won’t have access to the db since the NUC has won’t boot.

Do you have any Roon backups stored off the NUC?

You should always, always have backups. Things can always go wrong. If you do, install Roon on the new machine, start it, and choose Restore from Backup as shown in the second part of the linked page. If you don’t, either fix the old core or start from scratch on the new one. You could also remove the SSD from the old core and see if you can rescue the Roon database from it, if there’s anything worth the effort, like lots of edits that you may have made.

On the new core, start making backups


Most routers use DHCP by default. Which means that a brand new device that gets connected to it will be receiving an unused IP address.

Which means that you will have to change the forwarding rule for ARC in the router.

Perfect! This will be very helpful.

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I managed to get this done today. I tried once more to get the Nuc working by re-seating memory modules, hard drives, cables, etc… Finally gave up and switched to my Windows PC. Extremely painless with the docs provided. So far, all is smooth sailing. We were having all kind of issues with zones syncing properly and streaming from Qobuz. I’m hoping this new Core just might fix all that. Thanks for the help everyone.


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