Switching source on Meridian 218


I have a new Meridian 218 network player and use this and also my TV to play.

Is there any way to switch source between TV and the 218 in Roon?

I can only see volume but no source switching.

Does the Meridian unit not switch over automatically when you press play in Roon? Or are you looking for full control of the Meridian’s source switching?

The former should work as far as I know, but the latter isn’t something we’ve ever done in Roon.

My MS200 turns on my G61 R set up if I press play in Roon. I cannot switch back to TV via Roon though. I use an MSR for that.

No, the play will just play the last thing played I.e music there is no option that I can see for other sources like my tv

@jonathan_mead You need the Meridian IP Control app to control source switching and other commands on the 218 (outside of a Meridian Speakerlink set up with a Meridian Controller already in the system). Unless you attach a G12 IR sensor and use an MSR+ of course.

I haven’t got a 218 yet but expect to replace my MS200 with one soon.

Two main reasons; MQA functionality and a relatively cost effective way to switch between Roon and TV audio as a source.

I didn’t expect to Roon to be able to control source switching, but it would be cool if it did :wink:

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The only problem is it is only available on iPad so limits how you can control it