Swtiched to stable, and now lost the display

Returning from hols and being grownup thought it time to upgrade to the stable build.

However in doing so I’ve lost the display on one my ropieees. I’ve sent some data a2e83f620458bec3

The web page shows no display options and the extension in Roon show v2.2. previously this was 3.3 at least.

Still, I’ve got sound, across different zones, all sync very nicely, so I shouldn’t complain too much

HI @ian_frost,

You’ve started an install from scratch, but the touchscreen is not detected, hence the touchscreen sofware is not installed.

So not sure what to do here. Maybe you can check the cables and try again…

Thanks Harry

I’ll investigate first thing. Enjoying the music too much to muck around now :slight_smile: