Sync Music Files to ROCK attached USB Disk

I’m contemplating building a NUC based ROCK core for a second house with usb external disc for media, and ideally want to synchronise (over internet) my music files from one core (Mac mini with DAS) to the NUC core.
Any advice on what sync tool would work?
Any other gotchas I should think about

Just the music files or the roon library as well?

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Was thinking just the music files - but I guess syncing the library too might be useful as the two systems are never used at the same time

Your issue is that rock doesn’t allow any additional software installed so anything you need to sync has to be externally implemented.

Is this required to work simultaneously with both cores active or only ever one active at a time?

It might be easier to just bring the music with you and restore a current backup when you activate it.

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Thanks - only one core at a time
Maybe I need to use a NAS at the ROCK core location

Mind you thinking about it… rock+nas cost will probably be similar to a Mac mini given I have a few spare external disks

Does anyone know if you can ssh onto a rock and whether rsync is in the rock OS build?

Rock is locked down no ssh or anything else for that matter…as I implied above.

Depending on your library size a nas might be an option but I rather use a nas as storage and not as combined core/storage.

Thanks - I’ll work on the assumption of a NUC rock core + NAS for media files I think
Thanks for the advice - much appreciated @wizardofoz

Syncing databases is problematic for sure, syncing your library might be more achievable with a nas at the other end.

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I backup my rock this way which you can do too:

the database is backed up using the built-in roon backup feature. The media on the ROCK is backed up using rsync from a mac mini on my network to an internal drive on the mini. You could do the same thing, but with a VPN twist.

Then on an external computer in house “A” you could run rsync from the ROCK smb share to some other drive either locally or in house “B”. The tricky part is exposing both machines in house “A” and house “B”. You really want to setup a VPN service to go between houses so both networks act as one. This is pretty easy if you have reasonable networking hardware at both houses. I would suggest ubiquiti hardware for the task.

So in summary:

House “A” ROCK database is backed up by roon to some network share in house “A”. A second computer backs up the media either to a share in house “A” or reaching out to a share in house “B”. The share in house “B” can be the internal; storage of the second ROCK which would then be imported directly.

The tricky part is syncing the database, which requires a bit of manual intervention. You need to shut down roon on the ROCK that needs updating.


Thanks - I have a Unifi network/SG Pro at both ends so the VPN isn’t an issue
I think I might just jump in with both feet, build the ROCK and have a play