Sync Synology folder with an external USB disk connected to ROCK


I need some help. I used to run Roon on Synology but found it very problematic. So I bought a NUC, installed ROCK while keeping music files in Synology. Everything works better but ROCK scans NAS files at intervals, and I found some tracks missing in Roon library. After I moved those albums to an external USB disk connected to the NUC, they came back in the library. So I am thinking about keeping my music files in NAS, while mirroring them in the USB disk so ROCK can read them fast and reliably. Is there any solution? I searched for a while, all I can think of is load the USB disk as an SMB folder to Synology, but don’t know how to push the music files via SMB.

There may be many ways to do this but my setup is similar to yours except I have a nucleus+ with an ssd that has all my music in it and a synology NAS that has a backup of my music. What I do is have a Mac with an external disc that is my music “master” where I do any editing of metadata that I want to do. Then I use Chronosync to automatically sync the music from my Mac to the ssd on the Nucleus+ and to the synology. You could cut the copy of the music on the Mac out of this process and use Chronosync to sync the music between your NUC and your NAS, but the key point here is you will likely have to use an external computer and program to do what you want. Although I use a Mac/Chronosync, there are also many backup/sync program options for windows also.

Thank you, I found the other solution. Backing up USB drive on ROCK to NAS

rsync will deal with the file sync. Just make it scheduled.

I used rsync for a while but eventually moved over to freefilesync, it’s worth a try & also Free!


Nice. Should have thought of that since you’re on a NUC. I can’t add or run anything additional on the Nucleus+ so thats not a solution for me. Glad you found a solution.

Took me a lot of time to sort this out. Finally I realized that ROCK usb disk is just a folder when loaded to NAS, so ROCK itself doesn’t have to be an rsync server. Never tried rsync before so a small step forward.