Synology 718+ to Chord Hugo tt2

Hi all, I need a help regarding my existing system. I do use my NAS as Roon Core and my TT2 dac directly connected to core via USB. I’m happy with sounding but I just want to learn, it’s sth common choice of Roon users. If I use a network bridge or a streamer like Sotm network player, do you think it’s going to increase SQ ?

There’s a theoretical possibility the clocking of the signal by a streamer will produce less jitter, but the only way to truly find out is trying it for yourself and deciding. I used to plug my roon/syno right in the dac via usb. Now I’ve gone down the network streamer path with a Mind2 network streamer. It’s a fab thing, but only you can decide whether it’s worth the extra money :slight_smile:

Dear Burak_Yorulmaz, sorry, your question is already 20 days old. But I have a similar setup and it might help to share my experience.

In the beginning I used my QNAP TS-670 (I3, 8Mb) as a Roon Server. It worked serving my own rips, but I always had a bad (slow) user experience with Tidal and Qobuz. I never connected the QNAP directly to my DAC, but used a Ropieee as a bridge to USB.
First improvement to fix the slow system behavior was to build a Rock in a fanless housing. Much better user experience, I don’t remember that the sound improved.
The Rock was also used with a direct USB connection to the DAC. The SQ was worse, harsh in the midrange. It helped to put a Shiit WYRD in the USB path, but I would prefer the Ropieee network solution.
After reading a lot about dCS products, I bought the Network Bridge. That was the biggest improvement I ever recognized in my system. I can only use the SPDIF connection to my AcousticPlan Digimaster DAC, but that works like a charm. It is hard to believe, how a good digital signal can improve the sound.

In your case a dual AES connection to the Chord should work.


  • In my system the network connection always sounded best
  • The dCS Network Bridge is a keeper for me ( if I don’t upgrade to Bartok :grin:)
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