Synology 918+ - Can't Access Roon Remotely

Hey all-

I just got a Synology 918+ and have setup Roon on it per these sites (Roon Core on Synology).

The Synology and my local computer are both connected directly to router.

On my local network, I can use Roon to access my music.

However, when I am remote and off the network, I can’t access Roon Core but I can access the Synology through Quickconnect. Not sure what I need to do to access Roon Core away from the server but it seems odd I can get onto the Synology but not into Roon library?

Any advice?


You can only connect with the Roon core on the same Network and subnet range. Even on a VPN this is impossible by design. There are some with special nifty VPN setups that can remotely connect through vpn and browse their Roon core. As far as I know playback, even in this case, is impossible due the way Roon RAAT works.

Not sure how this makes a lot of sense? I have my Synology at my office but can’t play music through Roon at home? I can access the Synology from home but not the audio files on the Synology through Roon?

That’s correct. It’s not up to me to answer wether it makes sense.

For the record: allot of people, including me, would love the possibility to to be able to stream through Roon when not at home. It’s a very popular request in one of the latest “feature request” topic.

As @Anthro already mentioned, streaming over internet is not supported in Roon so far. The only option I can think of, is that you could use additional services like AudioStation, when not in your office. Then you can at least access and play your music files (without the Roon experience) when you are at home.
I think other people here mentioned, they move their activation between 2 locations…

Greetings. Is it still the case that I cannot access Roon on my iPhone (or other devices) when I am not on my local network? My setup: Synology 1513+ with RoonDatabase in a separate volume on an SSD in fifth bay and around 4,600 tracks on HDD in first bay. Works very smoothly on the home network. I have used Audio Station happily enough to access my library from my car or office, but prefer the Roon interface. Thank you.