Synology 920+ Firmware update fixed > iPad Roon can't detect my streaming devices

Suddenly, my iPad can’t connect with my 3 Streaming devices (Bluesound Node2, Auralic Altair, and Everysolo DMP-6). But the weird thing is that only my Yamaha WXA-50 is working well which can connect with my Roon software. I have re-start my Roon server (Synology 920+) and delete my Roon software and re-installed in my iPad but the problem still exists. I’ve checked those 3 devices that can connect with my home Wifi well and can use my Spotify through airplay.
When I turn on the streamer equipment, I go to the Roon setting manual to see the Audio equipment which device has connected, it turned out all the devices were enabled but the streamer icon looks different than before. After that, I back to Roon software to select the streamer I want to use, then select the album I want to play. It shows the sound track won’t move the bar in the lower part when I play the music. The day before yesterday, it worked very well and the device icons showed exactly the devices’ exterior looks. By the way, Tidal is logging and Roon is logging successfully. I’ve tried my best to describe my problem. I hope someone can help me solve this strange problem. Thank you!

Dear Zoon team, I’ve solved the problem after I upgraded synology 920+ firmware. I’ve tried countless ways to solve this issue, but I don’t think you would suggest this way to fix my problem. You can record it if someone faces this issue again.

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