Synology deprecated server-side transcoding with AAC codec

Synology has announced that it will no longer support Server-side transcoding for AAC. I am concerned this will make my aac files not playable on my roon. Can anyone comment?

This has absolutely no effect on Roon and has actually very little impact overall. The only time it would have any impact for you would be if you were using DSM to play an AAC file via File Station or Audio Station on a web browser running on a very old operating system that didn’t support AAC playback itself…a very rare combo these days. (Also direct AirPlay of these songs from Audio Station no longer works.) Again, however, no impact on Roon.

Roon does all the transcoding, so does not rely on the underlying OS for that function.

I can confirm the 2 prior replies. Synology removed server side AAC support in DSM 7.1.1 as indicated in their release notes.

  1. AAC-encoded content can be decoded and natively played back by most end devices, such as smartphones, tablets, computers, and smart TVs. Server-side transcoding of AAC-encoded content has been a redundant and resource-consuming process that was removed starting from DSM 7.1.1.

All playback from Roon, including AAC and playback over airplay are fully operational with Roon.

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