Synology DS118 ok for Roon with external SSD?

Maybe a stupid question, but is this configuration possible and ok to work with roon? Or do i need an different NAS

Do you want to use it just for storage or as soon server.
Fine for storage but won’t work as a roon server.
In the Synology line you need to pick one that has an Intel processor.

Hello, i have this nas now for my music installed, and run it via minimserver.
I wanted to add a external ssd drive to install roon on that drive via the usb 3.

The nas has a quadcore , Realtek RTD1296 chip? So not a intel chip i guess.

realtek not Intel. So no use for roon as a server.

Hello , i also have a ds218+ and on this nas I have all my pictures library.
This one has a a intelprocessor.
Intel Celeron J3355 Dual Core, this is in the same network.
I would also add the external ssd harddisk.
Would this work?

Roon’s recommended minimum cpu is an Core i3.

Having said that lots of people do run on a 218+ and Celerons but the best that can be said is that it MIGHT work for you.