Synology DS1815+ NAS, Mytek Manhattan II and Roon

Hi, I am new to the world of Roon but am attracted by its promise. My current setup includes a Synology DS1815+ (256SSD + 3, 6TBHDD) on which I am using the Plex Media Server (installed on Synology) which in turn is routed through an OPPO 105D (media player) and finally to my Mytek Manhattan I DAC and from there to the pre-amp etc. UI is through the OPPO app (which is pretty limited in features compared to Roon and is erratic) and all housekeeping done via various meta data tools outside…(pretty long winded)

I was considering replacing the Plex Media Server on my Synology NAS with Roon and connect it to the Mytek Manhattan DAC (upgraded to Manhattan 2 which is Roon Ready) - thereby eliminating Plex and the Oppo media player given I understand that Roon will manage, maintain and play media.

Is this a good idea ? Will it work ?

Absolutely any advise is much appreciated…Thank you!

The DS1815 is Atom powered. It may well work but I am not convinced it would work well enough to make you happy with the experience.

I’m running Roon on a 1515+ with upgraded memory (8gb) and with the Roon files (not music) on a SSD. I’m very happy with performance but I’m not serving a lot of tracks and not using a lot of features. At times when using certain features I see a noticeable pause but it is not objectionable (to me). I’d say give it a try - your mileage may vary.