Synology DS218+ Tracks are skipped

I have recently installed Roon server on my Synology DS218+. While playing DSD files or any high res files track (24bit/32bit) songs automatically stops and skips to next song in the playlist. It gives an error saying network connectivity. Same does happen with Tidal but rarely. I have not seen this happening for low res files (mp3 or 16bit files).
Also, first initial 2-3 seconds I don’t hear anything.

My system details:
Roon core on Synology DS218+, 64bit CPU, 6GB RAM, 2 bay each have 4TB HDD (Seagate Wolf), RoonServer installed in external SSD connect via USB 3.0, HDD health status is normal
Roon remote: Macbook Pro/Android Mobile (Galaxy S8)
Output: ultraRendu-RoonReady (USB output), Which is connected to USB interface LKS audio USB100 (Amanero USB) and LKS Audio MH-DA004 DAC (
Connection: All are connected via CAT7 high quality cables (except Macbook pro, which is wireless)
Router: Asus RT-AC88U

Troubleshoot I performed: I moved my whole music collection from HDD to SSD. It further worsened rather improving. songs did not play at all. From HDD it use to play initial few seconds to min of songs.
Also switched Ethernet cables, restarted system. Seems problem still persists.

Note: I looked at suggested topic, but seems like none of them are giving exact answer/solution for my system specifications.

Not, sure if my hardware are meeting the requirements or I would need to install core on different device. I would rather buy a standalone device for roon core than having to use my macbook. Any suggestions would be helpful.

Thanks for your help in advance.


I would say a simple case of not enough processing power.

Can you screen shot a pic of the audio path and processing speed when playing the dsd formats and hires

Something like this…if the processing speed is less than 1.5 you are going to be in trouble

It could also be a network issue/misconfiguration.
But it is hard to tell without knowing details of the network. Are there other network devices, that are not listed in your initial post, like powerline adapters or managed switches?
If you have an usb audio device, you could try connecting it to your core to check if this issue persists when playing audio locally without any network involved.
Is there any special configuration on your diskstation (like jumbo frames enabled, link aggregation…)?

Look at a NUC/ROCK for a good standalone Core install. NAS cpu’s are not cut out for an application like Roon when DSP and DSD rates are needed. Not many NAS are in the minimum spec ranking - certainly not the 2bay variety.


I am sorry being very naive. Can you please let me know what kind of network information you will need? As I mentioned earlier, I am using Asus RTAC88U router, my NAS is connected wite by CAT7 cable, and also USB audio device connected via CAT7 cable through this router. Router is connected to modem which is provided by telecom company. I am not sure if this is what you are looking at.

USB audio device ultraRendu can be connected only via network (I think). Not sure how to connect it to core directly. Because I select ultraRendu as output in Roon. So I am sorry, if I am asking to tell me more to connect without having to involve network.

Regarding diskstation, I will check as I have not installed anything as I am just using network storage till date and first time I installed roon server as additional application (all application running in diskstation are pre-installed as of now). Same also applies to any settings in the Synology. Anyway, I will check and get back to you.

Thanks for your help.

Some screenshot of DSM

I guess this would be best option. I am just frustrated that in this forum many of people had success. So if this can be fixed with some changes in settings, I would rather go for it instead of adding one more device in home. Already have complaint from better half having so many cables and devices :slight_smile: Thanks for the response. I will get back you later for your first question

@Somashekar_Somasheka Its really going to come down to what formats you need to play… DSD is quite resource intensive but if you are up sampling then just play at normal rates and maybe you will be ok. SSD ideally needs to be internal but @crieke is the expert here

If this is a new setup and you are still doing track analysis of your library this too will slow things down and could be your immediate issue - this will take some time on a lesser powered cpu and will depend very much on how many tracks are needing to be done

What is showing in the Library settings?

I am attaching the screenshot now. Unfortunately today this is happening even with MP3 audio files. Plays for 2-3 seconds and i see below issue.

I further check and no additional application or settings changed. Let me know if you need any additional information. Now this issue happening even for MP3 audio files. I have attached screenshot in this thread when i replied to Mr. Fix It. Not sure why this started happening for low resolution audio files.

Have you rebooted the Roon core, any endpoints and network switches not forgetting the router?

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is it possible to connect the LKS audio USB100 (temporarily) directly to one of the USB ports of your diskstation as a test? This would deliver some info if the network might be the cause of it.
If you do so, you need to re-enable the audio device in the audio settings and it should be displayed in the “Connected to Core” section.

This is something to consider, if the issue is for sure related to the cpu. It is not a good idea to just buy new gear in hopes to fix issues, based on a guess.
In case of network issues also a NUC/ROCK or Nucleus system might not solve it. Not being able to play simple mp3 files seems quite odd to me (even on low-spec’d hardware).

I just tried trial version of Audirvana using macbook. Still sources files are in NAS. it played smoothly with no issues. It loaded DSD file in a second and played it.
I will try your suggestion of connecting my DAC directly to my NAS. can I play DSD in that way or I have to use DoP? My DAC is capable of playing DSD 512 via USB.

I’m not sure how to that… you mean stop and rerun in NAS?

You’ll need to set it to “DoP” when connecting a DAC directly to the Synology.
But you can also start by checking if non-dsd files will play (you mentioned in your previous post, that the issue even occurred with mp3 files).

Thank you @crieke
As suggested by @Ratbert I stopped RoonServer in Synology and restarted again. But it didn’t restart. So I rebooted the NAS. After that voila… everything working with ease… even DSD 256 files and everything. With Tidal, i have problem with some songs and I guess this could be due to network connectivity. However, this is not big trouble. So, I guess for now it is resolved.

Thanks all… its really helpful. For now, I believe I don’t need to buy NUC!! (tho it seems an interesting alternative option for future)

I do have another issue is that, from mobile Roon remote loses connection very frequently but it is stable from Macbook pro. Not sure why. May I need to check all the forums discussions once again.