SYNOLOGY DS418 with DSM 6.2-23739 Update 2 won't install the SPK [answered: not supported]

Hello, I 'll make the procedure (manually, any developper, etc.) but the NAS said incomptability with this DSM version…
Any solution ?


can’t be the issue, see snapshot

and if you watch carefully I installed the roon server just a couple of days ago, And I was at that DSM version that time.

must be something differnt then.
Can you explain what you exactly did ?

Installation was a press “go & done” experience for me.
Haven’t checked about the 418 but if it runs on the old 416play I also think yours must be even more powerful.

I have :

  • download the spk
  • change then Nas’s rules for any editor
  • try to install, but It refuses

I have SSD 1GB, with lot of space.

I really don’t understand

It won‘t install on the DS418 as it is equipped with a Realtek ARM cpu. RoonServer can only be installed on systems with an intel 64Bit cpu. :worried:

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OOoh shit.
thank you for your explanation Christopher.