Please help me here : I think to use a NAS either just as a storege place for my music or maybe even install Roon and use it as a core. Reading the HW requirements and these from Data i cant find out if that is goog enough.Please help

The CPU and memory of the DS418j fall significantly short of the hardware requirements for running the Roon core.

Be careful about using a NAS as your music library location, too. It’s not recommended by Roon, but it can work.

It’s better to have your music local to your core machine and use a NAS for backup music storage and database backup.

Hello Graeme, thanks for that. I have completly missed that “not recommendet” statement from Roon.
Its very strange- with my very basic understanding of Pc`s- that ROON as a “streaming-deliverer” recommend “not to stream” from a “external storage” like a NAS. Iam confused.
So to follow the recommandations/help/support , the better way is to have more storage(HD´s) in the PC and even better have more RAM(more is better?-whats “enough”) AND or OR also have a SSD(what is a good size ?)
Sorry to strech my first question so much, but my knowledge is limited…

Some figures are listed in Roon’s documentation:

Server software like Roon’s Core usually expects/works best with the data it serves to be held locally. An SSD to hold Roon’s database is highly recommended, your music files can reside on an HDD (reference).