Synology DS713+ optimization

I understand that DS713+ doesn’t meet optimal requirements, but I want to give it a go. I was hoping for some help on optimizing the gear I have for roon usage.

I have the following items:
-DS713+ with 4GB RAM, two bays each with 4TB WD Red HDD in RAID config
-Samsung T3 external SSD 250GB USB 3.1
-Samsung D3 external HDD 4TB USB 3.0

I am willing to format the internal drives for optimal set up. I am also willing to return the external SSD (which I just bought thinking I could run roon server externally) and buy an internal SSD if it is recommended to do so. My thinking was that the external HDD (which is currently unused) could be used for backup purposes.

I look forward to your help/suggestions.

According to your gear I’d try the following setup:
Use the internal disks for your music files. Connect the Samsung USB SSD via USB 3 to the Synology DS713+ and use it for the Roon Databse (rename the share of the volume to “RoonServer”). You could use the D3 HDD as an additional backup, but it is not required to run Roon Server.
I don’t think an internal SSD would result in big performance improvements. I am also using a USB3 SSD for the Roon database.

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Interesting…I wonder what the size of the library is before it will be unworkable…mine is 13000+ albums 150,000+ tracks. I also have a 713+ sitting there just mirroring my music library as a backup. Must see about the ram in it, I think it might only be 1-2gb. It has 2 x 6tb drives in jbod config

I’m using 713+ 2G RAM, disk 0 is normal HDD single disk and installed with Roon. Disk 1 is a 3T single disk for music. With my ~2000 album library, this work well for me.

I’ve upgrade disk 0 to SSD and reinstall Roon, unfortunately I don’t feel there is much improvement in operation speed, searching speed etc, which are quite well and enjoyable for me already.
Btw, I’ve never play around with the disk attach to the USB of the NAS.