Synology DS920+. DS220+, DS720+ and DS420+ NAS Revealed - Improved Roon Performance?

According to the next generation of the Synology Plus series will have Intel Celeron J4025 respectively Intel Celeron J4125 processors.

Although I am not using my DS 218+ as a Roon core anymore (happy user of a fanless Cirrus Nimbini with i7):

How are the chances that the processor upgrade will significantly improve the DS+ series performance as Roon Core?

Zero. These are still very low powered CPUs. If you aren’t doing any (heavy) DSP, they will work fine to stream to multiple zones – just like the current Plus series models do. Enabling any of the heavier DSP options will crush them. You are better off running your Roon Core on something with a real CPU in it, and then access your music library via network share from the Synology.

This is exactly what I am using :grinning: Dedicated fanless i7 NUC as core and music files on my DS 218+

Anyhow, many thanks for the quick reply.

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I’m interested in these new models too, as I use 713+ without any DSP, with satisfactory SQ.
Sometimes I may need to up sample 48k family to 44.1k, and I got 1.4x speed. These new models CPU is 3x to mind in single and multiple core CPU mark, so i guess they fit my need.

As I am also looking for a central solution (with RAID 5) which can stream as

  • ROON Server and also does
  • Video streaming without upsampling,

I would dearly be interested if someone has got some experience with the DS420+ with ROON in the last months.
Is there anyone out there who would like to share?

I installed roon inside docker on DS720+ with 18GB ram and 250gb ssd cache. It can do dsd256 upsampling with 2x speed.

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Careful! In such a setup you will not get updates in our library reflected in Roon in real time.

According to Synology’s official specs, the 720+ can only be upgraded to a total of 6gb ram. Is there a hack to get around this limitation or are they just lying in their specs?

What are you using for upsampling? Hqplayer?

The processor inside the ds720+ can address max 8Gb memory. Installing more memory is a waste of money and can possiibly lead to memory errors.

See also this article:

I am using a dual rank crucial CT16G4SFD8266. You can search nascompares video and review, he demoed in his video. He listed compatible memory in his memory upgrade guide. I didn’t encounter the glitch happened in his video. I don’t know why it supports more than intel spec, one possibility is that the Intel spec is per rank.
As you can see in my screenshot, it used all 18GB.

I used roon’s upsampling.

LOL. I love haters. I purchased the DS920+ installed Roon server, put 64,000 music files on the NAS using 2 1tb NVMe cards for cache and 4 10TB iron wolf pro HD in the bays.

Guess what. It works PERFECTLY. No issues, no lag, perfect tidal, and Qobuz streaming. All the nonsense about intel J4125 not working or not having enough juice is fake news.

In terms of DSD files does anyone really use DSD…I mean really use it. Rare…if at all. If you do…then go get yourself a dedicated system to handle that specific task. Don’t waste money though if you just want to stream, have your flac files in one place, the DS-920+ works flawlessly.


Thank you for sharing. I was hoping for this kind of results but was not sure. I had doubts because there are so many people on this forum stating that a responsive Roon Core on a NAS isn’t possible. Thanks again.

Anybody screaming about “fake news” may just about pass a dementia test but little more. Fine if it works for you but people have been warned that it will not in many use cases.

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Thanks for sharing.

Can I ask where you installed Roon? I thought it had to go on an SSD?

I have a NUC and a very simple Synology DS118 single drive unit and I am thinking of going to a DS920+ with 2x2TB SSD for music (will be fine for my library, it’s a modest size compared to some here) and a separate SSD for Roon. I only really use it for my Devialet.

I have to use SSDs to keep noise down.

Using a 220+ with High res flacs or better no issues. Upgraded to 6gb memory… albums come up real time no delay in streaming… Alot of people here must be able to hear the difference in USB cables…