Synology DSM 7.0 + Roon Docker image + Airplay : is there a way to make it work?

I am trying to connect my Roon core to a Denon DHT-S716H as this device is currently marked as “Roon Tested”. So far the network player has never appeared in the Roon audio device list :frowning:

Roon connects to Denon devices using Airplay so I suspect that is the problem…

My setup is as follows :

  • Synology 920+ with DSM 7.1
  • Roon Core image using Docker - container network set as host
  • DHT-S716H is connected by wi-fi

I have already spent an insane amount of time on forums and with my setup in order to solve this :

  • The Synology VM Manager package is not installed and the vSwitch option is not selected.
  • I can ping the Denon from within the Roon Docker image, using IPV4 and IPV6 (I changed the default synology docker setup to support IPV6 because I thought that my issue was an IPV6 problem…) so this is not an network problem between the two devices
  • I have tried to run the Docker Image with maximum privileges
  • I have disabled the LMS support
  • The Synology Audio Station is not running
  • No Firewall

If I setup a Roon SPK instead of the Docker Image I have the same issue.

But if I run the Synology Audio Station instead of the Roon Core, the DHT-S716H appears !!! :sweat_smile:

Is there someone, somewhere, that has finally succeeded to connect a DSM7 Synology (or Qnap) Roon Docker image with some AirPlay Devices ? What am I missing ?

If this is not possible, I sincerely think that this issue should be advertised by Roon as a known limitation of their software because there is clearly something not working in their Airplay discovery code when Roon runs as a Docker image or a NAS package…


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I don’t know. This is about the Roon Core and not ARC. As far as I can tell, the Core listens (and communicates if appropriate) on all available network interfaces.

Under the assumption that your Core is wired:
Maybe the WiFi devices are in another network? Does Roon work for you from other devices on your WiFi? How are the IP-addresses of Core and Denon? Can you see and play to the Denon from anoter wired device?

Hi BlackJack,
The issue does not seem to be network related because when I replace the Roon Core software by Synology Audio Station on the same NAS, the Denon player is seen by Audio Station…so there is a working AirPlay discovery between the player and the NAS.
BTW I can use the Core with other wifi devices on my network (LMS compatible devices) but not with this AirPlay Denon…
I am fairly sure that if I install a ROCK VM on the Synology (the procedure can be found on this forum) I will be able to use AirPlay devices but in order to save memory and CPU resources I’d rather stay with the docker configuration.

Docker use is not supported by Roon, as mentioned above you might get some responses in the Tinkering section.

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Just to close this issue : the DHT-S716H is not compatible with Roon even if it using Airplay. Installing a dedicated Core didn’t help. I switched to Sonos devices instead.