Synology DSM 7 and third party apps

Have you seen this document for DSM 7 package developers? It seems to me that your Synology Roon package probably will not work under the new DSM 7 which will be released somewhere next year.

hi @Alfred_van_Hoorn,
thank you for the info. Yes, I have seen this document before and have already build a spk in accordance with the documentation.

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Hi @Crieke,

You’re welcome. Good to hear you have noticed that packages for DSM 7 needs a special treatment. I hope that we can continue to use your great package in the future.

I have a few questions about your testing package (date 24-06-2020). Is this a stable version? Has this his version benefits above the current version (date 7-3-2018) which is installed on my NAS. Do you advise a reinstall with the testing version?

Thanks in advance for your reply!

The reason for the beta tag in the 2020-06-24 is a diferent handling for Roon’s database on usb devices. Instead of pointing Roon Server to the path of the USB drive, there is a double mounting in the beta: first a tiny non-writable empty filesystem is mounted, on top of that the path of the usb drive is bind-mounted on top of that filesystem.
If (for whatever reason) the usb disk is unmounted, Roon won’t be able to write to that path anymore, due to the non-writable filesystem.
It was a test and it seems so far to work well. As a side effect, some users reported of less issues, when rebooting the Diskstation and Roon Server did not automatically start then. According to reports, this won’t happen as often as with the regular spk.

The beta includes also other small improvements: More details in the instructions during installation, more accurate error messages, some more log info.

With the DSM7 preview, I am currently wondering if I should try wait for more details and implement them before moving from beta to the stable spk and I am also looking at a web ui (as it is already available for QNAP and Asustor) for the Synology again.

So I have currently no indication of issues with version 2020-06-24.

Thanks for your clarification. I am happy with it. I am also glad that you are busy with the furtuer development of the Roon package!!

Based on your reply I conclude that in my situation it is not necessary to reinstall the package with the test-version. I do not use an USB drive and extra error messages are not needed because your package works flawlessness. :grinning: :+1: Thanks for that.

I am enrolled in the DSM 7 preview and was thinking about updating. Are you running DSM 7 with the Roon Beta? Thanks!

Currently Roon Server won’t install/run on DSM 7 and there is no developer documentation available yet.

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Ok, I will stay on current release. Thank you!