Synology DSM7 App update (20220216) - Support for databases on USB and eSATA volumes

I have released an update for Synology DSM7 installation (v. 20220216) to add support for external volumes again. They could already be selected as a database location in previous versions, but failed to work due to their different syntax in Synologys own config files.

Besides that, there are small changes:

  • The update will check the availability of the Roon Server database location and give the options to set the database shared folder again, if it can not be located.
  • the used ffmpeg version is now also given in the RoonOnNAS.txt logfile
  • additional cleanup

The database shared folder can only be set during initial installation. If you’d like to use a different database location, you’ll need to uninstall and install the app again. The uninstallation process does not touch the current database.
To move your database to a new shared folder (or usb/esata volueme), I’d recommend to create a backup within Roon first and restore it when the new database shared folder has been set.


Hi Christopher!
Could this be a solution to my recently incurred problem to play AAC radio station files via Roon, as well? (They still work perfect in Foobar 2000 on my computer or in the Roon end point ProJect Streambox S2 Ultra etc.)
I ran for more than a month now the Roon Core on an old 64 GB SSD installed in a Synology DS1519+ (8 GB), and everything is (was) working fine until just a week ago, when Roon suddenly started to claim “Playback was interrupted because a track failed to load.” on attempt to listen to AAC files. MP3 of the same radio stations still works fine.


Kind regards

Hi @Bjorn_Konigsson,
I’d guess, you need to place the ffmpeg binary in the RoonOnNAS/bin folder, as Synology’s own version does not provide all audio codecs.
The new version might give you a hint, which ffmpeg version is used. the path of the used version is given in the RoonOnNAS.log.txt file, which is located in the RoonOnNAS directory of your selected database shared folder.

You can alternatively install SynoCommunity ffmpeg and run the following as a startup task: “mount --bind /var/packages/ffmpeg/target/bin /volume1/Roon/RoonOnNAS/bin” (no quotes). Just double check the RoonOnNAS/bin path for your specific install.