Synology NAS? Disable memory compression!

I recommend to all Synology NAS fellows with upgraded RAM to disable the memory compression enabled by default.

Without going into deep technical details, if you upgraded your RAM then uncheck this feature. This feature taxes the CPU because it takes care of the compression and decompression process to save RAM.

How? Control Panel / Hardware & Power / General / Memory Compression. Uncheck and restart.

You should experience a much smoother Roon interface after.



Good share and I assume this is really aimed at user’s with 8GB plus of memory?

I wouldn’t recommend any lower spec for Roon anyway…

Yes that is reasonable. I used to run on an 8GB Synology, but overwhelmed with Plex running as well.

Great hint. Thx!

Thanks for the tip. I wasn’t aware of this - I’ve changed my settings now (32GB of RAM on RS3617xs)