Synology NAS migrate DB to external SSD post install

I have Roon installed via the beta spk on spinning disk. Performance is good with 2600 albums. I have a SSD connected via USB3 and want to move my DB. Do I have this correct:

Prerequisite: Backup Roon DB via Roon App to unique location

  1. Connect SSD via USB3
  2. Format EXT3
  3. Shutdown Roon Server via package center
  4. Rename SSD to RoonServer
  5. Start Roon Server
  6. Restore Roon DB taken prior to reconfig

What do I need to do with the old shared folder “RoonServer” on spinning disk?
I cant imagine that you can have 2 shared folders with the same name?
Can I just copy the DB files, etc from spinning disk (volume1) over to the SSD?
Is there a Roon DB config file we can edit to just point to the new location?


I’d recommend to format the drive with a ext4 filesystem (instead of ext3).
After that, first stop Roon Server and rename the old shared folder to anything else.
Then rename the external SSD disk to “RoonServer”.
You can copy all folders from your old database to the SSD.

Another (and my preferred) option is, to use Roon’s backup feature and create a backup before you start the above process and restore it again with Roon after you’ve renamed your old shared folder and the new SSD.


Perfect! Thanks very much for the work you do and support you provide…yes I formatted ext4

Will test shortly.

Worked out perfectly! Running Roon DB on SSD. Initial thoughts seem it’s a bit more responsive but will need to test a bit more.

Thanks very much again…


Can you post a bit about your results? I’m thinking about doing the same. Wondering if speed & responsiveness advantage of external SSD vs internal spinning disk is worthwhile / noticeable at all. If your experience has been great, I might try it out on a Samsung usb ssd I have lying around. Only issue I can foresee is that I’m running on Docker so I’ll have to figure out how to map the volume but I’m sure I can work it out. Thanks!

@Johnny_Ooooops I actually went back to DB on internal spinning disk when I updated my Synology NAS DS1513+ to DSM 7. It is not a huge difference to be honest, using SSD via USB is not really ideal anyway. My library has about 25K songs and my NAS isn’t really up to minimum specs but performance seems acceptable running on spinning disk. Maybe it would make a bigger difference on a different NAS with better specs…Hope this helps.

Super helpful, thank you. I have a 918+. I’ll put this on my list of stuff that I might someday try out if I have puttering time on my hands. Much appreciated & happy new year!

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