Synology NAS setup

Hello new to Roon so apologize for any repeats on my question. I’ve got the Roon Server running on ds423+ but can’t seem to access it. I don’t have the firewall running in the NAS or router. I did configure port forwarding on the router. Tried the Roon Arc on my Android but it keeps trying to find the server with no luck. Thanks for any assistance.

Hi Kevin,

there are lots of possiblities, the first I"d suggest is to verify that the NAS and the mobile devices like your phone are on the same network subnet. Sometimes routers create a secondary network for wifi devices.

You can check this by verifying that the first 3 number groups of the NAS and Phone network IP are the same. i.e. 192.168.1.x if any of the first three groups are different between the two then that is your issue.

So can you just not use ARC, or can you not use Roon with a Roon remote app in your own house at all?

Thanks for the quick replies. The phone is on the same network as it is able to access files on the NAS no problem. So I tried the Arc set up first. Just tried looking for the Roon OS for Web so I can try accessing from my macbook but can’t seem to locate how to access the roon settings from the Macbook.

Looks like there was some additional set up required, after downloading the Mac desktop app it seems like at least in the house everything is connected and the library is loading. Will try outside the network next. Thanks for the replies.

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