Synology not recognized by ROON

Same issue as Ron_Bloemenkamp reported reported in Aug 18 but I do not see a reply. I had been using a QNAP NAS-271+. The Synology OS918 is recognized by everything(Finder,Website,etc.) but refuses to connect to the Roon Core. This is a MACbook Pro Retina if that helps. Probably something simple. One older reply said that I should use SMB instead of AFP. What is that and where do I find it? Maybe in the find folders section?

Typically a NAS like the 918 is where you do backups or store music. So, logically, the core connects to it, not the other way around. Is that the problem you’re talking about? Your core is not seeing the NAS shared folder you think it should see?

Thanks for your help but I figured out solution on my own. Seems that the Synology watched network folder requires a smb prefix. The QNAP did not. After some trial and error, I was able to connect to the files. Live and learn.