Synology + Roon remote on iPad => OPPO 105 not found

As the title indicates, I installed Roon Core on my Synology 1513+ and Roon Remote on my iPad. It is currently scanning my large library. In the ‘audio devices’ however, I don’t see any of the audio capable devices on my network (OPPO 105, Pioneer 2024 receiver, laptop), all of which are capable of playing audio files and all of which can be found using other control apps on the iPad (Lumin, Synology apps, OPPO media controller, etc.).

What am I missing?

Hi Paul,

For Roon to see those device across at network they need to support Roon’s RAAT protocol.

For the laptop that easy, just install Roon and running it as a remote (point to you Roon server on the NAS).
For the Oppo and Pioneer it’s down to the manufacture to update their firmware to be come Roon Ready.

Have a read of this Roon Knowledge page Architecture that offers more detail on support devices and connections.

Until those device become Roon Ready network players you will need to connect to them via their USB audio ports.
Or use a Roon Ready Network to USB bridge device, such as the Sonore Device

Thanks for your reply.
In that case, Roon is still of no use to me. I wanted it to run on a NAS (that part seems to work), so I can eliminate computers and laptops. I wanted to browse my library using a nice UI on my Ipad (also achieved). I wanted to either push the sound from the nas via ethernet to my Oppo or have the Oppo pulls it from the NAS. You’re saying that is not possible.

What I can do with three crappy-to-medium sound apps (Synology audio station, Oppo Media Controller, Lumin app), I cannot do with the best software in the business? If that is a true statement, I will have to cancel my Roon trial, as it is unusable in my system.

You could still connect them with a regular USB cable until (and if) there will be RAAT support for the Oppo.
This depends on your setup and is an option if they are not standing too far apart…

Thank you I may try that.

Roon needs to support upnp renderers like the other control points . Roon are losing so much money by not doing so.


Totally agree. Admittedly, I have no idea what is involved from a programming / technology standpoint, but making this server work with as many control points as possible seems like a good way to expose it to the broadest potential customer base. Any device that can consume/stream/reproduce/play music files from a NAS should be able to do so using Roon.

Have a read of RAAT and clock ownership.

From an audio quality point of view UPnP is a horrible protocol, that said many don’t care (or are prepared to sacrifice it) and just want something that make a sound.

Although if you use your ears you might find that RAAT does not improve the sound quality in some systems.