Synology RS3617 :)

Just wanted to post a thank-you to @crieke and the folks involved in the Synology package project. I installed the Roon Server / Core on my RS3617 today, with a new pair of SSDs dedicated to Roon. I’m simply blown away by how much I have been enjoying playing with the control app on my iPad.

Now, roll on an TV control app :slight_smile:


Okey dokey, Having had the weekend to play with this now, I have a couple of questions.

My Synology is doing a bunch of stuff, including being an NVR. I’d like to map the Roon Core onto it’s own network interface and IP address, so that I can configure that port not to be running Jumbo MTU etc.

Right now the music streaming is happening over the 10G ports to the network switch. I’d like to seperate out that traffic.

Why? Not sure if it will make any difference at all, but I’m curious and exploring Roon architecture a bit.

Are there config files for Roon that would let me do this? I’m more than happy to go read documentation, just wondered if someone can point the way.