Syntax to mount external drive on ROCK

I have my content on a WD My Passport USB HDD drive attached to my ROCK device. I am trying to access this HDD drive from within my Synology NAS device in order to regularly back up this content on my NAS

  • The external drive is a Western Digital My Passport USB HDD.
  • On the USB drive, I have the following directory: Media\Music\Music-HD
  • Roon was set up to monitor changes in the “Music-HD” folder as the main content location

From within the Synology management console, I have two options to mount the remote folder, either using NFS or CIFS and both follow a different syntax

CIFS requires:

  • Folder path such as: [\\share](file://
  • Username
  • Password

NFS option requires:

  • Folder path such as:
  • TCP or UDP option

I am struggling to figure out how does ROCK tread the “Volume” and “share” syntax…. What would I have in the “\ROCK\Share” and what would I have in the “//ROCK:/Volume/Share” options?

I tried different variations of:

“\ROCK\My Passport\Media\Music\Music-HD”
“\\My Passport\Media\Music\Music-HD”

Not even sure what to use to specify the “volume/share” option in the NFS method…

If anyone has this configured to run properly using a Synology system, can you please share your syntax with me?

I think the shared folders are data and storage, e.g. \\\data. If you need a userid/ password try guest

I just managed to get it working, I turns out all the USB attached drives appear in “Data” folder under the “Storage” subfolder,… It works now just fine.