System phobia vs music enjoyment

Yes, a lesson my upbringing taught me very well. I tend to avoid people who think their opinions are THE TRUTH. If one is fortunate to escape being brought up by people who knew the only truth, it’s a lesson never forgotten.

Sadly there are billions who reject scientific fact in favour of opinion and fairy tales.


…indeed, as we are witnessing daily during these times.

As the late, great Daniel Patrick Moynihan once said, “Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts.”


So true. One only has to look at the world we are in to see how much evil comes from insisting opinion is what matters and nothing else.

Look at what is happening in a once democratic country because the denial of science and a nutter are holding sway.


Reminds me of something I once saw Isaac Asimov say in an interview:

To believe in nonsense is to limit yourself terribly, to live in fear of all sorts of things that don’t exist.


Just in case - a friendly note…
…can we keep to topic and away from politics please?


An understanding of the classical music repertoire and standard musical abbreviations used in the musical field helps enormously with keeping tagging concise. Tagging my classical music has been an educational experience for me over time. I recommend “The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Music” as an essential introduction reference book and guide for those interested. The main problem I have found with my trial of Roon is that many special characters are ignored such as the square brackets used for highlighting an [Aria] for instance. Am I wasting my time and is it a fact that Roon only requires a basic rip of a CD to index and catalogue everything correctly or do users still find problems with this?

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Anon is usually used for anonymous composer, mainly for older, pre-renaissance music (all Gregorian chants for example)

My experience attending high end audio shows is that percentage is dwindling. Ten or fifteen years ago exhibits playing classical music were common, whereas now trying to get the exhibitor to play something on his beautiful $100,000 system that demonstrates its ability to reproduce acoustic instruments and naturally microphoned vocals is like pulling teeth.

If I was a millionaire I would expect dealers to come to my house and set up systems so I could choose the best for me from the comfort of my chair.

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On spec? (Obligatory padding.)

On sound that suits me and the music that I doubt the dealers would ever play on it!

I believe that the bar for this kind of dealer service has been moved up from millionaire to billionaire :rofl:

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What are you talking about? You can bring your music to the dealer. If you are really wealthy, you may have additional leverage but I doubt a million or two will make the difference.

Any reputable dealer will let you demo stuff in your own house before you buy. I’m far from a billionaire, but at least two dealers in my town let me take stuff home to demo it.

Getting them to set it up is another story altogether.

I’m talking about what I would expect. I have had dealers bring things to my home before and I’m not a millionaire. If they want to compete with online dealers then they need to find a new angle I guess.
Demoing something at a dealers with different rooms etc is a recipe for disaster to me, I would certainly never buy speakers without trying them at home.
Others may be more risk averse than me though.

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Of course. Demo at the dealer is just saying “hello.” Taking it home, as with a speaker, is a real date and a necessary preamble to a long term relationship.

I was discounting this expectation:

Each to their own, I guess we all have our own standards.

It can be more about the relationship with the dealer than the financial status.

The one and only audio video store in my area designs and installs mega systems in million dollar houses. I’m just a small time walk in customer but have been purchasing from them for 15 years and spent lots of time there asking questions and getting opinions. I do take my music in to hear it on their high end systems before taking stuff home to demo. I don’t ask to demo items I have no intention of buying and the purchases have all been priced well below retail and online.

And the dealer installed Ethernet in my house even though it was a small job well below their usual minimum for an onsite job.

A working relationship is good when you don’t have lots of money to talk for you.