System with LCD setup seems to be different today

Normally I run screen at lowest brightness all the time so the clock is viewable on my bedroom setup only in a dark room - when I am normally sleeping.

Today when I woke up the setting appears to have been ignored and it is at full brightness. Feedback sent 2b67aa1dd83ef84c @spockfish Currently on Stable setting.

I do notice some new settings in the GUI interface that would indicate some new feature in place for daily weekly monthly updates perhaps.

Once I am sure the feedback is completed I will go into the screen settings and note what seems to have changed.

More to follow

A couple of screen shots…Harry will the network details if DHCP is used ultimately display the DHCP settings that are current?

You beat me to it :wink: I pushed out an update yesterday evening and then life interfered before I could report it here.

The issue you’ve seen with touchscreen settings being gone is fixed in this release.