T+A DSD over network

Do any T+A devices play DSD files over the network via Nucleus core as it appears the MP2500R does not?

Are you connecting T+A directly to the nucleus, if the answer is yes then it plays dsd over pcm (DoP)
I have the PDP 30000HV , max dsd128
If not then you need a network bridge.

Thanks RodS . Nucleus is networked and prefer to stay that way. I understand T+A is working on a solution.

Is it OK to chime in with a question?

I am not a T+A owner yet, but closely looking at some of their stuff. MP 1000 E or MP 2000 R mk2. HV I can only dream of…

What I would like to be able to is to play my files up to DSD128 thru a LAN connection and DSD is stored in dsf format.

Is this possible?

What is meant by a network bridge? Is that not built in?

Hi Allineedis
Yes it is possible. For example in my system with a dac,If your music files are on a nas/pc/nucleus Then you would have them connected to the network by Ethernet /wireless ,the network bridge would be connected to whichever of those you have(nas etc) and then you would connect to your dac through the network bridge by usb for example…

So. Nas via Ethernet into bridge- bridge via usb into dac
This means the pc/nas or whatever need not be next to your system.
Google ‘hifi network bridge’
The Mp range has a streamer built in.
Go to T+A website and you can download the manuals to read,
It will show you how to connect to your system
Hope that makes some sort of sense.

But I do not believe DSD will stream over Ethernet directly to T+A . Even though there is a streaming client in the machine you need an external ( extra ) device . That is unfortunate

I think you can with the SD 3100 HV. It is a Roon Ready Endpoint I think.

The T+A MP2500R player is a roon end point as well with an internal streaming client but it will not do DSD over Ethernet. You can steam PCM all day but nothing else at this time. I am in hopes they release a firmware update soon

That is good to know. Thanks!

So if I understand correctly there is no way to directly stream DSD, I would need something inbetween like a Rendu or equal?

Thought since they have a what they call in the manual Streaming Client built in that this would not be necessary. Because in this case you do not need the whole streaming side and will only use the DAC, kind of negating the whole idea of one piece of gear.

Is this something that T+A can update thru firmware?