T+A MP 2000 R (MkII) now Roon Ready

Hi all,

the MP 2000 R (MkII) Multi Source Player is the first device from our R-Series that offers full Roon support.

Starting with today’s firmware release, all T+A MP 2000 R (MkII) players (all the way back to the very earliest models) can stream high-resolution audio directly from Roon!

The volume of a PA2000R oer PA2500R integrated amplifier connected to the MP 2000 R (MkII) can comfortably be controlled with your roon remote.

Further information on the T+A MP 2000 E Multi Source Player can be found here: MP2000R (MkII) - detailed information

All that is needed to make your MP 2000 R (MkII) player roon ready is a simple web based firmware update.

Firmware Update

A description of the firmware update process can be found in the MP 2000 R (MkII) user manual in chapter “Software Update”. MP 2000 R user manual

The software update will need some time. Please be patient and wait until the update process has finished.

After successful installation of the latest firmware the MP 2000 R (MkII) should be detected by the roon system and you can find it as a certified roon ready device under Settings/Audio on your roon remote.

Hint for MP 2000 R (MkII) players with firmware versions before V 1.07.

If your MP 2000 R (MkII) is running on a streaming client firmware version before V 1.07 (or if your MP2000R MkII is not detected by your Roon system after a firmware update) a 2-step update is required. Please proceed as follows:

After doing the firmware update as described above, please switch OFF your MP 2000 R (MkII), then switch in ON again.
After the MP 2000 R (MkII) has re-booted and network connection is established, please start the software update process a second time (the same way as described above).

After completing this second update, your MP 2000 R (MkII) should now be detected by the Roon system as a roon ready device.


I have bought the MP 2000 R mk2 together with the PA 2500 R 18 months ago. Their Control app and later the MusicNavigator had some glitches. But now with Roon Ready this is how T+A should have made it.
The computer is connected to a 22 inch touchscreen where I can control everything ( on/off volume etc.) at the same time I can control all this on my Ipad too. No hiccups, no buffering problems just music.

Still having problems with the T+A Control App so now use ROCK to operate my MP2000 R mk2.
I bought a NUC 7i7DNHE, 2x4Gb ram and a WD m2ssd. Followed the instructions on the website and had it working within an hour with the help of a few USB sticks. Next I will put the NUC in an Akasa Plato X7D to make the unit silent and fanless so I can enjoy music on my T+A system again.