T+A MP8 Multi Source Player

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I would like to open this thread for all questions and announcements regarding the T+A MP8 Multi Source player.
T+A MP8 - detailed information

Firmware Update

The MP8 received its Roon Ready certification in July 2018. MP8 devices built before this date can easily be made Roon Ready by performing a web-based firmware update. A description of the firmware update process can be found in the MP 8 user manual in chapter “Software Update”.

Link to the MP8 user manual: MP 8 user manual

The software update will need some time. Please be patient and wait until the update process has finished.

After successful installation of the latest firmware the MP8 should be detected by the roon system and you can find it as a certified roon ready device under Settings/Audio on your roon remote.

Hints for the MP8 / DAC8DSD combination
The DAC8DSD is the perfect D/A converter for the MP8 Multisource Player. With the help of a MP8 player PCM music can easily be streamed to the DAC8DSD from your roon server.
The volume control and mute function of a DAC8DSD connected to the MP8 can directly be controlled from your roon remote.

DAC8DSD USB input: If a MP8 is connected to the DAC8DSD, the DACs USB input is still available (through the USB input of the MP8 which is passed on to the DAC8DSD). This way the DAC8DSD can be conencted to a PC, a roonbridge or any other source device with USB output. So the DAC8DSD can be used for roon streaming through the MP8 and additionally as a Roon Tested DAC for other source devices.


Thanks @Larry_HV
I guess this would be for the HQ Player folks

  • Use the USB input of the DAC8DSD for HQ Player
  • Use the MP8’s dedicated DAC8 connection for everything else