Tag-based filtering in Roon ARC

I noticed that filtering of music based on tags works slightly differently on Roon ARC: On Roon Remote if you have tags on your albums, those tags are automatically available at the Artist level as well, so you can easily filter those artists that have albums with the chosen tags.
But on Roon ARC, album tags only work for albums, so if you select an Album tag while browsing Artists you will get a “No artists mach the selected filters” message. I am not sure if this is a bug or if it was designed to work in this way.
This is a pity because tags seem to be the only way to filter music on Roon ARC. And by the way, having Genre based filtering would be very useful as well. This is a standard feature on all music apps that I know.

I am loving Roon ARC and hugely grateful to the Roon team for this huge advance :clap:. In terms of further improvements, this issue is also a problem for me. For different profile users in the same household, for example, we’d want to be able to filter artists by tag in Roon ARC the same way we can in Roon Remote.