Tag can only be played as shuffle

Is there any reason for this curiosity ?
Why can’t we play sequentially by album/track ?

I am sorry but I do not follow.
Tag can only be played? Which Tag?
I play albums first to last all day. There would be mass outrage if this weren’t possible.

I collect albums of a certain type by tagging them. They are gathered under “My Stuff/Tag”. From there, if I want to play this group, I can only shuffle. I didn’t find how to change it in my settings

Thank you, that is more clear.
I do not use it in that method so I am of no assistance, hopefully someone else will chime in now.

Go to Albums, apply your Tag there. You should now see the albums from the tag and have all the sort and play options that are present in the album browser.

Note: Don’t use the Tag Browser for playback or sorted views – it’s usually not what you want.

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Well, as noted by BlackJack who is often quicker, it depends on where you are filtering by the Tag . Instead of albums as he mentioned, you can go to Tracks and choose the Tag in that screen and at that point play them in sequence. If you want more, you could then select all the tracks and then add them to a playlist, which would give you more options to move things around if you wanted.

It might help to think of Tags as a method of grouping, not, ordering. Remember Tags can be used on other objects, not just Albums and Tracks, for example, Artists, Composers, Genres, Compositions as well as on other Tags.


Thank you for your answer (although a normal play from tags would be nice)