Tagged artists not showing up

I have no trouble tagging albums and seeing them show up when I look at that tag.

What I can’t figure out is that sometimes I tag an artist, not an album. And that artist doesn’t show up when I look at the tag.

One additional piece of information - this artist is only on qobuz, I have no albums by him in my local collection. And I haven’t yet added any of his qobuz albums into my collection.

All I’ve done is tag an artist with many albums in qobuz, but none added in my collection.

The artist’s name doesn’t show up when I look at that tag.

Would this be a bug, a feature, or am I just missing something?

Hi Eric,

Can you give some specific information. What is the name of the tag you are creating. Who are you adding the tag to?

Sometime things require something in the library first. Try adding one of the artists albums to your library and see if he/she appears in the Tag.

How can you even tag an artist without there being at least one track in the library? I don’t think that is possible…

I didn’t either that is why I asked. It may be that is his issue.

Hi all,

Yeah, adding some albums by the artist from Qobuz to my library cleared up the mystery.

First I searched for the artist name and when he came up with all his Qobuz albums (but none in my library yet), I tagged the artist name so I could remember him later.

Later, when I was looking for a way to see my list of tagged artists I couldn’t find any way to see them.

But when I added albums by that artist from Qobuz to my library, those albums were immediately tagged since the artist was already tagged.

So … I still don’t have a way to remember artists for later, but at least I understand how Roon works!